When silence suffices not: Good speeches are pure Gold.

Wenn Schweigen zu leise ist: Gute Reden sind pures Gold.

Når tavshed ikke taler højt nok: Gode taler er det rene guld.

Sovereign Speech

They always do that when I arrive.
Reden sind Silber-Dannebrog ist rotweiß. Taler er sølv-Dannebrog er rødhvid.

To be or not. Lord Mayor speaking to Denmark's King and Queen to be.
Legend: No.1 Lord Mayor Klaus Tscheuschner. No.2 Royal Danish couple. 
No.3 Yours truly, sitting next to the Town President of Flensburg
and the Danish Minister of Education.

Whats on a mans mind?
Bored in the presence of Royalty as I listen to my own words. Please don't show that pic to anybody!
Legend: No.1 Yours truly. No.2 Their Highnesses Frederik and Mary of Denmark. 

Here is the actual the speech content:     

Speaking is silver, writing is gold.
His Highness Prince Frederik. He is not writing me a check.
Princesse Mary
Her Highness Princess Mary. She is not writing me a check either.
PrincessMary. And that is a hat on top of her hair.
Princess Mary and her ASCOTNOT hat.
Tak for talen - den var godu.
He should have thanked me instead.
Tak for talen. Den var go' du.

Writing a good speech is always a challenge. Attention must be given to facts and details. Whom am I writing for? Who is going to listen? What is the message? How do I get it across? In which situation and context will the speech be delivered? The talent and effort of the speech-writer and the speech-holder will be subject to judgement right on the spot! The audience's (lack of) reaction is always spontaneous, inescapable and irreversible. Here are some other speeches I have (co-)written: Silver and Sovereign Speeches ENG - DE - DK